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March 13, 2011

Bookish Romanian Love

Hey guys! ♥
I've been a little mean and I've been complaining a lot about the situation of the bookstores in Romania. So I figured it's time to make them some justice, because there are a lot of great books released here too. So I'd like to show you some of them.
My first obvious choice would be The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer, because I think that's the first fantasy series (or one of the first series, anyway) that was published in Romania. But there's not much to say, except the publishers kept the original covers and did a wonderful job in promoting the books and pleasing the readers. (they hosted a lot of events, giveaways and things like that). The books were published by Rao Books, which is one of my favorites Romanian publishing houses. They always have very beautiful covers - mostly hardcovers - and they do a great job in promoting the books and keeping our interest. 
(HERE's a nice Romanian blog that keeps us up to date with the Twilight books and movies.)
And speaking of books that turned into movies, today I want to talk about Beastly by Alex Flinn, since it came out recently. I haven't seen the movie yet - I think I'm going to wait for all the Alex Pettyfer madness to cool off first. LOL But I read the book a few years ago (at the time, I didn't know it was supposed to be a movie and it would be released here), but the new Romanian edition would be nice for my bookshelf. :)
Author: Alex Finn 
Original title: Beastly
Hardcover, published 9. 7. 2010 by RAO Books
Translation: Shauki Al-Gareeb 
There are not a lot of differences between the covers - as I said, they like to keep the original covers of the books - but what do you guys think?:)



Which one do you like?
I like the second Romanian cover the most! I love the color of the rose and the contrasts.♥ Oh, and btw, have you seen the movie yet?

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  1. I like the 2nd edition too! I actually like it more than the US edition :D

  2. @Mia I like it more than the US edition too, hehe.:D

  3. Cool! I love seeing international covers!!

    Love the new design btw! =D

  4. OMG! International Covers! So cool. I like the 2nd edition Bestia the best, I'd have to say. I followed your awesome blog :) (Just hoppin' by) ;)

    If ya get a sec check out mine, TeenBookaholic Reviews ! :)


  5. PS: I'd love to trade blog buttons with you! :D

  6. @Larissa Thanks! And I'll try to post Romanian covers every week from now on.;)

    @Vivi Valenz Thanks for stopping by and for the follow! I followed you back and I snatched your button, I'll add it to my fav blogs list.;)

  7. Wow sooo pretty!! I really like the second romania one also. The peach-pink flower is doo beautiful! Have you seen the "movie tie in" cover? I think i like these better than the actors on the cover.

  8. @SweetSwan Yup, I've seen the movie tie in cover, it's very pretty. I still prefer the original covers though. Thanks for the reminder, I'll post the movie covers too from now on!;)


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