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August 3, 2022

Review: Storm Echo (Psy-Changeling Trinity #6/Psy-Changeling #21)


4.5-5 stars

This book was everything I needed right now! The Psy-Changeling is one of the longest series I've been loving, following and devouring from book #1, with no exception, for years (this is technically book #21!!). I just can't get enough of it - and with every new book that comes out, more amazing characters whose stories I want to read next show up. More subplots and puzzles pieces fall into place.

If you are a longtime fan of Nalini, hi. I'm glad we're on this journey together - can we freak out about how this world keeps evolving but also gives us peeks into the lives of long loved characters too?

And if you didn't read it yet *gasp!* feel free to start anytime. Like yesterday. Start with Kaleb's story. No, with Hawke. Or the Arrows. Nevermind, go back to the beginning, with Lucas. *sigh* They are the definition of badass alpha males and get the strongest main ladies out there.

I'll admit I didn't quite connect to this couple in the beginning (their romance was a bit off) but just the fact that it was a Phy-Changelling pair and we had a Psy with a cat after a long time (which is my favorite kind of pairing!), made me enjoy every second of this book and put it right up there with all my favorites! It's probably because we were back in DarkRiver territory and we saw so many of the original couples and characters (Lucas! Tamsy! even KALEB!) and it made me all emotional, nostalgic and full of love.

Speaking of Luc, I was more excited about seeing him and the other OG characters than Ivan and his story. Buuut he and Lei really grew on me throughout the story. They're my favorite combo: scary, cold alpha male, melted by wicked, sweet, funny shifter. Grumpy x sunshine at its finest! Their interactions were everything - and being back in pack territory and seeing everyone getting involved, being fun and nosey as usual, was just priceless.  

Ivan glanced over, swore under his breath. “I can’t leave him alone for a single minute.” Vaughn slapped him on the back. “And you’re all but mated to another healer.” A glint in the near-gold of his eyes. “Welcome to the rest of your life.”


Only a healer would say such a thing to Ena Mercant, a ruthless matriarch whose Silence was meant to be flawless. Truly. How did her grandchildren keep doing this to her?

Anyway. As usual, I love how the main plot encompassed all the stories and manages to make each one about the main characters, but also about what's happening in the world around them, how they can affect it and how they get affected in turn. How they are all an important piece of a bigger puzzle. Ivan is all cool, dominant, Psy badass, while Lei is the wicked, bubbly, warm soul healer; perfect balance. They saved each other from the brink of darkness and it was perfect.

“I could never ignore you, Lei,” he said with that intense Ivan Mercant focus. “When I’m around you, you’re all I see. You’re like a star, you shine so bright. If I had my way, I’d keep you forever.”


I knew you wouldn’t be angry with me. Not my Ivan. You’d understand. Because you knew I was yours.”


“It’s too late.” She ran her hands up into his hair. “I’ve never had many people who were mine, Ivan. I don’t let go of those who are. And you’re mine. You know it and I know it. It’s a wild song between us.”

In the second part of the book, when they were more familiar with each other, their feelings, their situation, their families and all the people around them (suddenly everyone was in their business), their interactions became a delight.

Her tough, dangerous man didn’t know how to handle her. It was adorable.

It was all brilliant, action packed, fun and steamy. If this series goes on forever, I will not complain. I'll gulp it down like an addict, no matter the pairing. 



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