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December 13, 2010



I wonder.

Yeah, sometimes... I just wonder. About life, about everything. About people, about relationships. Sometimes I have the feeling that everything is nice and easy and just how it is supposed to be. But some other times... Everything seems too much, too complicated, too overwhelming. Funny how this is coming from me - me, the biggest fan of the "It' complicated" phrase. NOT!) *snorts*

So I wonder... where does this road lead to? What is it out there, waiting for you? What do you do when you're at a crossroad? How do you make the right decision? How do you deal with the decision you've made?

Who can you trust? Where should you draw a line and when is it ok if you crossed it?

Why, when you finally give up and leave your armor behind, deciding to open up completely - why is it right then when you get hurt? What did you do wrong? Or, better yet, did you do anything wrong? Did you make a bad decision or you just gave yourself a "nice" push forward? 

How much is too much? How late is too late? How far is too far

Why do you feel so small and vulnerable one day and strong enough to conquer the world the other day? 

What should l I do next? Where should I go? 

Do these questions help or they just make you raise another ones, equally irritating? :D

Too many questions. Maybe I spend too much time with myself lately. *LOL* Or maybe I shouldn't have read so many fantasy books in such a short time.  The lines between Real Life and La la Land are becoming too thin. *crazy much?*

Or maybe I just shouldn't have skipped my NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) class. Maybe that infuriating teacher could help, after all...

OR maybe I think/day dream too much.I should go back to work, I've got a deadline and everything.  (which leads me to another question - what do you do when work becomes a way too important part of your life?) 

And why do I sound so much like my teenage little sister these days?*rolls eyes*

Still... I wonder...

P.S. Sorry about the spelling, I'm still working on my English. *sheepish grin*
P.P.S. This post remembers me about the book The Host (Stephenie Meyer). I'd love to read it again.  

xoxo ♥

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