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December 5, 2010


Hey peeps!♥
I've always been a fan of literature, letters, philology. In fact, that's what I studied in high school and college. Why? Hmm... Probably because they all give you the opportunity to see the world beyond the words. To discover and understand things or more precisely, thoughts.

Anyway, I'm not writing this post to babble about 'nerdy stuff, but to name a few things that motivated me to start a blog.

So... Someone asked me a few days ago why I don't go out with friends, read a book or go shopping instead of blogging. Hey, I do that too, it's not like I'm glued to the keyboard 24/7!

But this... this is my getaway, so to speak. In fact, I recently realized that writing can provide such a great getaway as the reading. The difference is that instead of "hiding" in a different word - someone else's world, I "hide" into my own (which seems pretty crazy to me too). So, for a few minutes in a day... I can afford to hide. 
To pretend that everything and everyone is perfect in the world or that I just don't care.
 Everything else fades away. It's just me. And my thoughts. And the music playing in the background. And this keyboard. And my craziness! :)) (Oh, never mind... I'm sure there is a cure somewhere for that, but I'm not interested in finding it just yet. )

 Another reason is that I can put here thoughts that never make it out of my head. Sometimes thoughts that I didn't even know they were there. (Yeah, that's very interesting; human mind can be so damn complicated!) Things that somehow make more sense when 'on paper'. Or not at all and I should slap myself on the forehead just for having them! :))

I write this because I want to. Because it makes me feel free. Because it makes me know myself better. Because 
I don't have to think twice before saying something that might hurt someone.

And the list could go on...

And my posts too.

But now I've got some work to do. And it's 12 AM. So I'd better go back to the Real World.

See ya!;)

Xo. Deea

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