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December 27, 2010

Top 5 Sundays

Hello hello!:)

I hope you're all enjoying the holidays!

I, for one, have spent the last few days with my wonderful friends and my noisy, but lovely family (I'm so lucky to have them!) And tonight I wanted to stay home and relax... So I switched to reading/writing mode. :)) And even if inspiration is failing me at the moment, thanks to Larissa I did find something to post today. :P

Every Sunday, she will post a TOP 5 list on her blog (visit her for details about the feature). I really liked the theme for today:  Best Book Covers of 2010. :D It was fun, but a little hard for me to pick only 5 favorite covers. But  here they are (in no particular order):


 3. Silver Borne (Mercedes Thompson #5) by Patricia Briggs (I haven't read it yet, but it is on my to-read list... And I sooo love the cover!)

(I have this series on my wish list, I can't wait to read it! And all the covers are so adorable - this is my fav one)

 5. Nightshade by Andrea Cremer (The cover actually convinced me to buy the book!)

That's about it. OMG, 2010 is really coming to an end, isn't it? It feels like someone pushed the fast-forward button. Oh well... I still hope I will finish The Vampire Academy series these days and that I'll be back here to post my top 5 movies, TV shows etc... :P

You all have a wonderful time! 



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  1. ooooh great picks!! 2010 was a great cover year, wasnt it? hehe


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