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December 15, 2010

Giveaways for beauty addicts

Hey girls!

I haven't realized Christmas is so close, yaaay!:D
But I still have a lot of shopping to do, presents to buy... And I must say I'm happy that there are so many sales and contests and giveaways lately to make this easier for me. 

Speaking of which, the beauty and makeup lover in me found some really nice ones. :D So here's the chance to win a perfect Christmas gift for any girl (ok, if you're not so much into it, it's still a great gift for your mom, your sister, your bff etc:)) )

1. An over $500 worth of makeup giveaway :

Fantabulous, right?!:D To enter, go to: a happy holiday for a 'beaty crazed' girl 

 2. A must-have set: 

Here's the link to enter : Bailey's special holiday giveaway.

They're international giveaways, so go go go!

And good luck!:)

Xo. Deea 

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