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December 23, 2011

YA Heroine Tournament: Alex vs Rose

Hey guys!

You might remember that last week I asked you to vote for Alex (The Covenant series by Jennifer L. Armentrout) in the Heroine Tourney. Well, she won that match (thanks everyone who voted btw!) and she made it to the next round, so here I am asking preeeetty please to support us again!♥ But this time around, the stakes are a little higher. The battle is going to be tougher. But the awards will be SO much greater as well! Just you wait and see!

Because, in this round... 

*inserts music effects for suspense here*

It's Alex against Rose (from The Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead).

*bites nails*

And before you all give me THAT look, hear me out: 

We all love The Vampire Academy series and we all love Rose, I know that. I love Rose too, she's one of my favorite heroines ever (not just from YA books)! But that series is over now (and no, Bloodlines doesn't count) and though Rose will always have a special place in our hearts, I think it's time to move on. It's time for someone else to take the stage, so to speak. And I'm not saying for someone to replace her, far from it, but just for someone to be right there with her, side by side, kicking villains butt, getting THE guy and just making us smile with her witty remarks. Getting us impatient for the next book release and always eager to read about her next adventure and about her perfect hottie and their electrifying, heart-melting moments. Those Favorite Heroines/Series lists I know you all have (at least an idea of one in your minds LOL) need to be updated from time to time, right? Well, here's your chance to do it. Because if there's anyone who deserves to be on that same stage with Rose (and high up on the faves list), that should be, hands down, Alex. If you've already read the series, you know I am right.;) If you didn't *sticks tongue out at you* *just kidding*, you're seriously missing out. And you'll have to trust me on this one because I'm an Aquarius and I'm always right especially when it comes to books, just ask my close friends  or just read the rave reviews on GR or the posts Momo (Alex's advocate) made for this match that totally say why Alex is such a FANTABULOUS heroine and why she deserves all the love.

Point is: I truly believe that Alex deserves her high place among the YA heroines, so go vote for her to get her there!;)


Ok now, enough about Rose and all that. Here's why I say Alex should win. She's... 

Besides, she gets Aiden!!! And... Umm... Seth?

Ok, she doesn't actually get them, but you know what I mean ;)

Speaking of...

*inserts drum roll effects here because this is going to be HUGE*


Remember when I said there's going to be EPIC rewards if Alex makes it? Well, here's what the uber talented and uber awesome author Jennifer L. Armentrout promised us for this match:

500 Votes: If Alex reaches 500 votes, I will give you a juicy scene from Pure. It involves a pool, but will be edited to avoid spoilers.

750 Votes: If Alex gets 750 votes, I will give you Chapter 16 from Half-Blood in Aiden's POV.

Yes, that chapter.

1000 Votes: If Alex get 1000 votes, I will give you Chapter 26 from Obsidian in Daemon's POV.

Yes, that chapter.

Winning votes: If Alex wins against Rose, I will write a very lengthy scene/ basically a freaking novella from Aiden's POV about a trip he and Leon took that involved searching down a certain daimon that got away at the end of Half-Blood. 

Chapter 16, people!!!!!!!! And chapter 26!!!! Just... ZOMG! *speechless*


Ok, need I say more here already? GO VOTE FOR ALEX!!! (and get your neighbors and everyone you know to vote too - it's not like you want to get out of the house and face the before-Christmas-shopping craziness anyway, right? LOL)

Bonus: If you vote for her, you get a chance to win a package with ALL THE THREE BOOKS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE IN THE COVENANT SERIES (prequel novella Daimon, Half-Blood + pre-order of Pure)! Go over Momo's blog to enter the giveaway!


Happy Holidays!♥ 



  1. Aaah, perfect post! I love that little image of all those words that describes Alex! You got everything right on! Thanks for taking part in this and supporting Alex!

    Alex for the win! :)

  2. @Momo Thanks!♥ That little image is what took me so long to do, those words just wouldn't come out right together!:)) And of course, it's my pleasure! Go #HalfBloodLegion


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