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December 30, 2011

Alex vs Katniss in the #HeroineTourney + Giveaway Half-Blood by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Hello everyone!

As you may recall, Alex won the match against Rose (Vampire Academy) in the YA Heroine Tournament last week. (YAAAAY!) So in this next match, she's fighting against Katniss from the Hunger Games Trilogy. Yup, Katniss. Oh, why does Alex have to go against these heroines that have years, lots of books and huge fandoms supporting her? *sigh* I would give her a hug just because, but I know she would not appreciate that (and it would be awkward anyway), so at least I'm going to plead her case here, because I know she's super awesome, I know you love her too if you've already read the books and I know she deserves to be on that pedestal with our favorite YA heroines. 

The Alex vs Rose match had been very tight and fierce. Because both Rose and Alex are likeable, determined kickbutt heroines with great, strong personalities and they wouldn't just back dawn and let the other one win. And their fans are a bunch of great fighters as well. And just like I said in my previous defending post, I can see them fighting back to back against creepy villains, all powerful and feisty, throwing witty remarks at each other. What can I say, I have a crazy imagination! :)) Now, you may be wondering what's all this ramble got to do with today's match. Well, here's the deal: if Alex hadn't won last match, today it would have been Rose vs Katniss. And considering all the support she got in that match, I assume you would have voted for Rose today, right? Well, I want to ask YOU ALL preeeeeety please to vote for Alex today. Both Alex's AND Rose's fans. Because Katniss is one very strong heroine herself and and it would probably take both Rose's experience and Alex's abilities to fight her. She really needs all the support she can get in this match. 

Still with  me here? :))

Anyway, the point is: VOTE ALEX!

And because Jennifer L. Armentrout is super awesome, here's the incentives she's offering for today match: 

*drum roll*

250 votes: a teaser from Pure

500 votes: a teaser from Onyx

750 votes: a teaser from Pure and Onyx

1,000 votes: a POV from Daemon (Obsidian)

And that's not all.

1250 votes: a teaser from Seth's POV in Pure

1500 votes: a teaser from Shadows.

WINNING votes: a teaser from Pure, Shadows, Onyx, and Cursed


And for every 1000 votes, JLA will give away an ARC of Pure, up to 6000 votes

- ARCs will be given away on Twitter

*jaw drop* Did you read all that?! A teaser from Seth's POV. Seth. In Pure!!! And teaser from Cursed. Cursed, people, which doesn't come out untill FALL 2012. And ARCs of Pure. *hyperventilates*

If you still haven't got the chance to meet Alex (the prequel novella is still free on the publisher's website -see link on my left sidebar to get it), I'm going to give you a chance to do it - and trust me, you'll like her too. 

So I'll give away two copies of Half-Blood: a paperback copy for International readers and an e-copy for US readers.
I'm doing the giveaway this way because I know from experience that it's really hard to get US editions of our favorite books overseas and not everyone around here has an e-reader. I get all my books from The Book Depository, but not everyone is comfortable with that site, so I want to give people who can't get a physical copy of Half-Blood more chances to win.

Just fill in the form bellow: 
*I want to keep this short and simple, so it's not necessary to follow my blog, spread the word, yada yada, but I would really, really appreciate it if you voted for Alex in this match today. :D

Check out THE UPDATED POST to enter the giveaway. 

And don't forget Momo's giveaway, she's giving away a whole set of the Covenant series. ;) 

That's it for now. 

Good luck everyone!

*fingers crossed for #HalfBloodLegion* #Alex FTW

Just a quick reminder why she deserves to win: 

Click on the picture to go to the match link


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