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December 28, 2011

Top 10 Book Covers of 2011

Hey guys!

Today is the second day of Top 10 of 2011. If you missed my post yesterday, this is an event hosted by Jessica (Confessions of a Bookaholic), Lisa (A Life Bound By Books), Rachel (Fiktshun) and Jaime & Patricia (Two Chicks on Books), where we share our favorite books, covers and characters of 2011. Check out the original post to get the details and to sign up. ;)

Top 10 Book Covers of 2011

I loved a lot of book covers this year, but I managed to narrow my list dawn to just a few of my favorites. No need to get into details, the pretty pictures speak for themselves. <3

*Again, this is in no particular order
**Links go to Goodreads

Wow! This cover is almost as stunning as the book itself! I like how fierce looks the model, it's really fitting! 
And those drops (or shards or whatever they are) are really cool! 
Everything looks so much better IRL, it's all lights and shines... Lovely!

This cover looks better IRL too and it's also shiny. There's this watery effect that looks really cool in the light! I love the main colors, the dress fluttering in the wind and... Well, everything about it. :D

I love that the models are underwater! And the velvety feel of the cover IRL!

Well, isn't this cover absolutely stunning?<3
The geometrical elements are really interesting and unique!

The colors, the dress, the eerie feeling, the swirly font (which is shiny and silvery IRL)...
Everything about this cover is so pretty!

I love the black/red contrast! And it has that velvety feel to it as well!
Also, it's so fitting for the story!<3

Oh! I love the sparkly colors on this cover and I love the flower!

Isn't that dress GORGEOUS? And I like the steampunk elements!

Honorable mentions: 

Well, what do you think? Do you like the covers? What about your favorite covers of 2011?

Tomorrow is Top 10 Book Boyfriends in 2011. Now that should be fun and interesting! *wiggle eyebrows*



  1. Ooooohhh! I see three covers I have added to my list as well. There were quite a lot of good ones this year. So hard to narrow it down to just 10.

    Come check out my Top 10 List for amazing book covers!.

    Best of 2011: Book Covers

    Hope you'll have time to check out my list.
    Mystifying Paranormal Reviews

  2. my top covers

    gr8 list yea the underwater scene is cool

  3. I love the simplicity of Beautiful Disaster.

    Such a great list of covers, most of which are on my TBR list.


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