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September 22, 2012

Spotted: Deadly Sting New Cover (Elemental Assassin #8 by Jennifer Estep)


Wow, you guys!! Have you seen the new cover for the next Elemental Assassin book by Jennifer Estep? Looks like this series gets sexier and more kickass covers with every new book released! Awesomeness! (that's the paperback outer cover on the right.)

I had to stop reading this series when books #3 and #4 got lost in the mail, but I do want to catch up with it as soon as possible! From what I've read so far, it's a really awesome, original and badass Urban Fantasy series!

Anyway, what do you think about the cover of Deadly Sting? I, for one, love the red and, well, that's a new different side of Gin, I guess. :D

I won't post a synopsis though, since this is book #8 and it most likely contains spoilers. But HERE's the link to Jennifer's post where she discusses the cover and the story behind it and where you can read the book description if you're up to date with the series. 

The previous covers. Cool, don't you think?;)



  1. I've heard awesome things about this series too :) !! I have a copy of the first book but haven't read it yet .. All these covers look gorgeous and badass !!

  2. It's time to read the series. I already have it so is no excuse for me to postpone... again
    (yes,I still blame you...)

  3. @Elodie I love the covers too! And Gin really is sexy and badass!:)

    @CCAM Well, there are so many awesome books out there, and we have so little time, it's understandable not to be able to read them all.:)) But I think this series is worth a shot (and if you have the paperbacks, they are short, quick reads)


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