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August 25, 2012

Cover VS Cover #1

Happy weekend everyone! How are you all doing?:)

I was organizing my bookshelves earlier today and I found a few books that don't match the rest of the books in their respective series. Which reminded me about a feature I wanted to do on the blog a while ago, but I never got the chance to do it. 

You know how sometimes publishers decide, from various reasons, to change the book covers in the middle of a series? Or how they redesign the whole series? Or maybe they choose a different format and/or design for the paperback edition? I'll admit that I'm not a fan of books in series that don't match, but sometimes the new covers are better: prettier; more appropriate for the book theme; more eye-catching; they fit the book characters better (when there are models on the cover) etc etc. And this left me wondering - which cover would the readers prefer? Will they pick up the new edition of the book or will they keep searching and hoping for a book design that matches the rest of the series? Will they buy the whole new series just to have matching books or the cover doesn't really matter to them, as long as they have the new book?

I'd like to hear your opinion on this.


I'll start with Obsidian (Lux #1) by Jennifer L. Armentrout, because that's the book that made me think about all this in the first place. :P

I got the ebook edition when it first came out, and when I wanted to get a paper edition for my shelf (I always end up buying the ebook and the paper edition of my favorite books  - oh, and sometimes the audiobook too *cough* First Grave on the Right *cough*), I realized it had a different cover. *gasp* One that, to be honest, I wasn't the biggest fan of. I wanted the old one - the big, shiny one I had for the ebook. But I searched for that old edition online (in the online stores that don't charge 3x the price of the book just for shipping), and... nothing. So... I resigned. (I may or may not have thrown a tantrum saying that I wanted that cover! I'm just stubborn that way. LOL). 

Anyway, the question is - which cover would you prefer?

New Cover     VS      Old Cover

*Now, don't get me wrong, I like the new cover too (actually, I like the background better, it gives the book a cool, badass feel), but the other one would have fit better in my bookshelf (with the other JLA books). BTW, I think I'm going to have the same problem with the hardcover edition of Cursed by Jennifer. L. Armentrout. I LOVE it, but....*sigh* So much for putting all my JLA books on the same shelf... (I use different shelves for paperbacks, hardcovers, pocketbooks, series, standalones etc. Yikes, OCD much?LOL)

**This post was also inspired by a feature Harlequin Publishers have on Facebook (on Thursdays, I believe). If you (or someone you know) have a similar feature on your blog, let me know so I can give you credit (I don't want to step on any toes here). I got my eyes on quite a few series that made big cover changes, so I'll talk about those in the next few weeks. Until then... Let me know what you think of the covers above.;) (my review of Obsidian)

Enjoy the last weekend of summer everyone!
(Can you believe it's almost September?! Yeah... Me neither. I haven't read all my summer books yet! *sniffle*)



  1. I was exactly the same as you. When they changed the cover I was like WHAT?!?!
    I have two paperback copies of Obsidian as I have the first edition and the new copy BUT I now prefer the new cover. I just think it's stunning and matches the story so much better.

  2. It drives me bananas when they change covers. Like at least this was the first cover. But when they do it mid series. Oh it makes me crazy.

    Anyways I like the background on the new cover, but I don't like how she is just clinging to him and you can't see her. Its not really how their relationship was.

  3. @Kayleigh @ K-BooksOh, you have the first edition too! I'm so jealous! And angry with myself for not getting it while it still was on the market. LOL But I agree with you, the new one matches the story better and it seems more realistic.

  4. @Amber I @ Awesomesauce I know, right? Why would they change covers mid-series? *head desk* And you're right - while the background and the feel of the new cover fits the story better, I don't see Katy that clingy either. LOL
    Oh, and thanks for stopping by, Amber!:) Long time no see! *hugs*


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