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January 9, 2011

Top 5 Sundays #2: 2011 Book Covers


 Remember Larissa's (@ Larissa's Bookish Life) Top 5 Sundays feature? Every Sunday she will post a TOP 5 list on her blog - it can be about anything, every week she will have a new theme...(details on her blog)

Well, since my last Top 5 Sundays of 2010 was about my favorite book covers of 2010 (and I already mentioned the books I can't wait to get in 2011 here), I think it would be nice for the first Top 5 Sundays of 2011 to be about the books I think will have the best covers this year. So...

Books Covers I'm Coveting for 2011
*in no particular order

And if I could add a few more....

 What do you think about these covers? What would be on your list? ;)



  1. Awesome choices!!! I love that cover of Iron Crowned!!! is it the UK version? if yes, its MUCH better than the US one LOL

  2. Thanks!:D And yeah, that's the UK cover. I agree with you, so much better than the US version! It's probably the one I'll get hehe...

  3. Awesome picks! Picking fave covers are always a toughie in my opinion! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. @Jessica Thanks! Yup, it was pretty tough to pick just a few covers...I still couldn't stop at 5!:))
    Of course, anytime!:)


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