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January 15, 2011

Just saying...

Hey guys!

Quick post:

1. I was too busy with Real Life stuff and reading The Hunger Games series (Finally! I did it!) to post anything this past week, but I'll catch up soon. ;)

2. I had to change my layout again - I loved the Cheshire Cat, but seeing his face everyday/several times a day was kind of annoying. :))

3. This wasn't supposed to be a particularly book blog, but it is my biggest obsession right now... So I guess it will do. :P

4. One of my 2011 resolutions was to write more reviews, so I'll post some soon. (I really hope so) 

5. After reading The Hunger Games, I have the feeling that whatever I'm going to read from now on will be... Plain. Boring. Annoying. Not good enough. But I'll move on eventually. :)) Still, could you recommend me some books? :D But please, no love triangles! (could be one of these).

6. When I'm done mourning and in charge of my mind again, I'll post my reviews. I promise. Hopefully it will be sooner rather than later. :))

See you soon!;)





  1. looking forward to having you back =D

    I really like the new layout!

    TOTALLY recommend the Morganville series! =D

  2. @Larissa Thanks! I'm glad you like it. And thanks for the recommendation - some Morganville vampires would be good now! I was on book 5, but I need to reread some to get familiar with the characters and remember the plot. :))


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