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July 20, 2012

Quick Note on the YA Crush Tourney - Part 2 (#TeamAiden)

So, after invading Twitter (and probably driving people crazy) with our #TeamAiden tweets, Aiden won his first match. *throws confetti* It was a tight one, the competition was fierce and both Aiden and Ash were in the lead at some point. There was a very little difference of votes in the end. Anyway, our boy Aiden won, but... The real challenge just now begins, because in the next match, he's going to be against Dimtri. Yes, that Dimitri. Vampire Academy, YA idol, vampire extraordinaire, perfect book boyfriend, years worth fanbase Dimtri. *gulp* I know he has a lot of devoted fans around here (even in Romania), but, just like I said in the last year's Heroine Tournament when Rose (same Vampire Academy) went against Alex (The Covenant series) AND ALEX WON, I think it's time for other hero to shine and be up there in the top. VA is already finished (no, Bloodlines doesn't count here) and if there's anyone worth going against Dimtri in a fair fight and if there's anyone worth of our love and loyalty from now on (remember, this is only the beginning with The Covenant Series), then that's Aiden. But, don't worry, I'll make a special , convincing post for the match right before the big battle. LOL

For now, visit Jennifer L. Armentrout's blog to read the incentives we got after all those votes. And our winning prize: Aiden's POV from Pure.
Till next time!;)


'Morning everyone!

Once again, I'm here supporting one of my favorite characters ever! Oh, how I love the YA Crush Tourney - I get to remember why I love so much particular characters and to find new book crushes. Fun! And today we have a suuuper intense match: Ash (The Iron Fey series by Julie Kagawa) vs Aiden (The Covenant Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout). I know, right? How did this even happen?! *thud* They're both strong, swoon-worthy, very loved characters! (ZOMG can you imagine an actual battle between the two of them? With all the ice and fire and badassery going on? *dies*)


Today I'm all about #TeamAiden. And here's why (and why I think you should vote for him in this match as well):

I'm not a  big fan of the (High) Fantasy genre (I'm more a Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance kind of girl), I can count the Fantasy books I read and actually liked on one hand. The Iron Fey series is one of them, and Ash had a big role in me enjoying that series. Especially after The Iron Knight, it was impossible not to love him. I get chills just thinking about it. BUT. Then along came Aiden, and suddenly I was like 'Ash, who?' 
Seriously, there's so much to his character, that I don't even know where to begin. In one word, he's PERFECT. (And I don't say that easily. Trust me.)

If you were here last year when I went crazy supporting Alex in the YA Heroine Tournament, you already know that I LOVE the Covenant series. It's one of the few YA series I got all fangirly about. Really, I couldn't talk enough about it and I couldn't push enough people to read it. (BTW, you're welcome;)). It's fun, original, intense and super badass. Awesome writing, great characters, sizzling romance, killer action (pun intended). My kind of series. <3

Now, I'm not going to get into details on why I think Aiden is a perfect crush. I might need a few hours and a way too long blog post to do that. But his advocate in this tourney, Kaileigh, did a fab job in representing him and telling you all about his awesomeness: Here's a preview:

*Aiden is one of the strongest characters you will ever read about. He is fiercely protective and always out to protect the ones he loves.

"I have to. I told you before I'd never let anything happen to you. I meant it."

*Aiden will always do what is right even if it means sacrificing himself.

"I kissed her like I was never going to see her again, because in a way, I wasn’t. Not this way, and as much as that killed me, I knew the difference between what felt right. And what was actually right."

*Aiden always sees the best in everyone.

"She was so incredibly strong and I couldn't fathom how she didn't know that."

*Aiden always fights for what he believes in. No matter how dangerous it might be.

"If the Gods want a war they'll have one."

“Ever since I’ve met you, I’ve wanted to break every rule. You’ll become the centerof someone’s world one day. And he’ll be the luckiest son of a bitch on this earth.”

And when it comes to his looks, he couldn't be more perfect, and I think you ladies would agree with me: he's tall, dark, drop dead gorgeous and his storm colored eyes turn to shades of silver when he feels strong emotions. *swoon*

He's a very intense character with a will so strong, it makes my heart clench. There are so many instances throughout the series when any other character would have just given up or snapped, but not Aiden. He's too perfect and cares too much to do that. Also, he has badass skills and can control Fire. Not to mention that if there's ever anyone capable of making you cry, smile, laugh, swoon, melt, cheer, curse, go crazy, all in a very short time, that's Aiden.

Anyway, read Kailegh's very convincing article HERE. There's also an International giveaway at the end of that post. Just sayin'. ;)

Ok, this 'quick' note is already getting too long. Oops!

But I really, really, reaaaally need you all to vote for Aiden today because he really deserves to win this match! I know that Ash is awesome, I love him too, but... Wasn't his time to shine like two years ago? I mean, c'mon, his story is already over. Aiden is all fresh and gorgeous and right here, getting better and lovelier with every book. Why wouldn't you vote for him? Hmm???

And in case my rambling and Kaileigh's post aren't convincing enough for you, here's what Jennifer has to offer: 

250 Votes: Aiden Teaser from Deity

500 Votes: Seth Teaser from Deity

750 Votes: Onyx ARC (Pepe, Sztelle, Jen) randomly given out

800 Votes: Signed ARC of Deity

1000 Votes: Swag Pack of awesomeness given out

1500 Votes: Signed ARC of Deity

1750 Votes: Aiden Teaser from Deity

2000 Votes: Cookie Scene in film (special feature from Onyx)

If Aiden wins his first round, I will do the zoo/car scene from Pure from him POV!

Did you get the part about the zoo/car scene from his POV??? *hyperventilates*

Need I say more here? GO. VOTE. NOW.

Oh, and if you haven't even read this series yet, what are you waiting for???*gives the virtual equivalent of a death stare* 

Here's to hoping we see Aiden in the next match!

Happy weekend!

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