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January 4, 2012

Looking Back... And Looking Forward

Happy New Year everyone!

Wow! I can't believe it's already 2012! Time flies! And I guess it's that time of the year when we look back at what meant 2011 for us and set our goals for 2012, right? Yikes!

Warning: This is going to be a long post - and mostly irrelevant ramble. ;)

2011 was pretty hectic for me... Not bad, but not as good as 2010 had been either. Sometimes it felt like time stood still, yet a lot of things changed. I changed. (But I guess that's normal at this age, right?:P) The only constant in my life had been my love for books. And this blog had been my outlet, my journal. I put a lot of myself in it and maybe it didn't seem that way, since I hadn't been always constant with my posts, but trust me, it was very important to me. Sometimes maybe too important, because I cared about every single word, post, comment, visit, question that went this way. I wanted to do something just for myself. And that's what I did. That's why not many people I know IRL know about it, or if they do, they don't read or comment about it. (not as far as I know, anyway LOL). A lot of fun, joy, love, excitement and eagerness went into it, but also a surprising amount of work, frustration, anxiety, impatience and stress. But the thing is - somehow it was a welcome stress. A great distraction from the real world. And all that joy and excitement definitely make you forget about those rare moments when you feel stressed and overwhelmed and consider quitting.

It's amazing how receiving a shiny new book in the mail or a thoughtful comment can make you smile and instantly feel better on an otherwise craptastic day. An email from your favorite author, reading a book that deserves 5 stars or more or receiving a much coveted ARC can make your week. And for moments like that, I love blogging and this whole community and all those negative things I mentioned above are irrelevant and easy to forget. And I wouldn't give this up - not even when I can't find my words, I have no inspiration, or I have a blasting headache that makes it hard to think, especially in a language that is not my own.

Speaking of this community... Being part of it is one of the most fabulous and rewarding things ever! I met so many amazing readers, bloggers, authors and their support and all the good vibes they send my way is surreal! I consider all of them my close friends and I'd love to meet them IRL as well - I'm sure we'd have a blast! 

Oh, wow... I set up to write about something, but this post became something else entirely. You can consider it a sort of blogoversary ramble. *nervous laugh* Because yeah, I started this book blog a year ago. And one year later, I still get worried about authors reading my reviews (because of all the 'what if's - what if I got it all wrong, what if I somehow offended them, what if they don't like it, what if I'm not making any sense, what if I didn't get what was actually important etc etc). It still takes me way too long to write reviews. I'm still too chicken to approach certain authors and publishers. I still get jealous over other bloggers' amazing, flawless writing.  BUT I still LOVE it - and this community - that's what actually matters, right? Besides, I think I finally found my voice and a pattern (well, sort of). And just like IRL, I don't like to do things just to be done or halfway (*points at self* perfectionist, remember?), so if I don't feel like posting something or if I'm not completely satisfied with what's coming out on the page, I don't write a post just to fill in a day. If I lose followers because of that, so be it. I want to really love and enjoy what I do, and maybe others will like it too eventually.

I'm not setting out any goals for 2012 because, truth be told, I suck at lists. Especially at TO DO lists. The big FAIL written all over my last year's resolutions list proves that. :)) What I want this year is to be more organized and open minded - everything would be so much better and easier! Also: 

This would work in all the departments 

*looks up* Wow! This post is a little dramatic. LOL But I'm just being honest here about what blogging means for me and how it affects me (good or bad... but mostly good). I'll probably delete it once I come back to my senses, but until then...

I wish you all a great, productive year!
Read, have fun, take care of yourselves and smile as often as possible! ♥ 

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  1. Nice post! May all your wishes come true this year!
    P.S. I've got a giveaway on my blog, maybe you'd like to enter:

  2. Ha, I don't have a list for 2012 either. But I know that I will read a lot, and work harder, and party every time I get a chance. And if any other good thins happen, I am welcoming them all :))

    And you're right, the reading community is great, and getting the chance to talk a bit with the authors we love is such an awesome reward or gift, or something.

    Have a great new year!


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