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June 19, 2011

In My Mailbox #7

Hey guys!

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by Kristi @ The Story Siren and inspired by Alea @ Pop Culture Junkie.

I haven't done an IMM post in a while, so I've got a lot of books to show you today! They are like 3 weeks worth, so it's going to be a very long post. (I got most of them a couple of weeks ago, but people were showing their Book-Expo America hauls then, so I just kept my little pile to myself and drooled over their posts instead LOL).

Part I:

  • Sarutul mortii – Oana Stoica Mujea & Andra Pavel  
(which would be Kiss of Death in English; it's a crime, mystery Romanian novel) 
(won from Tezza @ Spades High Reads)
(I did a lot of jumping up and down around the room when I got this, because it's one of my favorite debut novels of  2011 and
it came as a surprise from Aimée, who > signed and personalized it ♥)
(for review from BookSneeze.Com)
(I won this in a contest @ AwesomeSauce Book Club a while ago and I think I mentioned it before, 
but it didn't make its way to my mailbox until recently, so here it is)
(despite all the not so positive reviews and the similarities with Twilight, I ADORE this book! And the  cover > is so pretty and shiny...♥ )
(the Romanian editions; it took them very long to get in the mail)
(I got it as a RAK from Evie  @ The Bookfiend Reviews Books 
so this involved a lot of squealing as well, because I've been dying to read it for ages 
and Evie even sent me her hardcover! copy all the away from the US!♥ )

Part II

(Elemental Assassin, #1, #2) by Jennifer Estep  
(I got the audiobooks a while ago and because this became one of my favorite UF series,
 I wanted to have the paperbacks on my shelf too; 
books #3 and #4 should be on their way)
(The Disillusionists Trilogy #1 & #2) by Carolyn Crane
(This series has a very special place in my heart, so of course I had to get the paperbacks too; 
if only Book Depo wouldn't have sent me 
Double Cross with dented cover...*sigh*;
 anyway, review to come)
(from author to review)
(from the publisher Harlequin Teen UK aka MiraInk)
(as a RAK from Birgit @ The Book Garden)

(I have a little problem with this series; the covers don't match; I also have two copies of The Iron Daughter, so I think I'll give away one of them and then buy myself copies of the other books in the series to match)

(Madison Avery trilogy) by Kim Harrison (bought)

Once again, the covers don't match. I hate it when that happens! And I don't understand why publishers change the covers of just some of the books in the series (see Nightshade by Andrea Cremer). Or why they publish the first book in the series one size, and the last one in the series another size (see The Iron Fey series). Grr! If you have the same problem with any of these series and my books could match your series, let me know, and maybe we could trade them or something! Makes sense? LOL) 

Part III
 *e-books, e-galleys, audibooks 

(I requested them like years ago, but they just got approved last week)  
Oh my... This book... *sigh* I've been DYING to read it! I sort of hyperventilated when I got that email from  Simon & Schuster and I thought I was going to read it right away! But then the exams got in the way... Then review requests from authors... Then the Graduation... Then Real Life madness... *sigh* Anyways, as soon as I get myself a bit organized and the To-Review list gets shorter, forget about all the books mentioned above, Wildefire is what I'm going to read! (/end of rambling)

(you know, to complete my not-matching Iron Fey series) 
(audiobook; I'm almost done with this one and it's pretty good, I really enjoyed it so far;
 the narrator does a great job IMO)
I got this from my friend Cristina, who blogs at Bibliophile Mystery (btw, check out her cute blog), because she and Julia here drove me crazy with this series so I said it was about time to give it a shot and see what's all the fuss about! Problem is I actually love it, but there's no way I'm going to buy the gazillion audiobooks that are now available for this series (I'm not rich here people), so girls, you brought this on me, you give me the books!;) Thanks!♥ 

Um... Still here? I also got a lot of cute little bookmarks from the Book Depo with all those orders, but I'm too lazy to take a picture now. :))

Thank you to all the authors, publishers and amazing bloggers who sent me the books! You all made my hellacious exams period so much better!♥

Phew! That's a lot of pics and links! LOL I have a feeling I'm still forgetting something, but I'll mention it in my next IMM...

What did you get in your mailbox? (Feel free to leave links in the comments)

Happy reading!

P.S. There's still time to enter my Graduation Giveaway and the Tracking Shadows giveaway!;)



  1. Oh, it stinks when book covers in a series don't match! And sometimes you order the right one and receive another *grumbles* but while this can annoy me too, so far I never replaced a book because of this.

    Great haul :-) !

  2. You've got a lot of great books on your hands! I've seen so many of the ones I want. I got the UK version of Starcrossed so I'm a little sadface. The hardcover is sooo shiny and gorgeous. Happy reading! :)

  3. @Birgit Yeah, I know, it happened to me too to order a version of a book and to get another one. Well, I'm a bit crazy and obsessed like that, so I'm tempted to buy new books just to match my series and to look good on the shelf LOL!

    @Chey Thanks, I hope you'll get the books you want too!:)

  4. That is one seriously big mailbox!!

    Sooo cool that you got a review copy of Wicked: Witch & Curse! I read the series years ago when it first released and then when it went on hiatus I went insane since the 4th book had a massive cliffhanger! Hope you like that one!

    Jealous of your signed copy of The Goddess Test! I looooved that one too and likely my fave debut novel of 2011 as well. That and The Girl in the Steel Corset!

    Here's my IMM

    Happy Reading and have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower

  5. @Jessica I know right? I was a little skeptical about the Wicked series, but now I'm looking forward to reading it!

    I loved The Goddess Test too and I was sooo happy when I get a signed copy!<3 Oh, I really have to check out The Girl in the Steel Corset!

  6. Hey Deea, awesome books !
    I'm dying to read Divergent and Starcrossed .. I hope you'll love them !
    I've ordered the first three book in the Iron Fey series and I can't wait to get them =) !!
    Happy reading ;)

  7. I'm dying to read the Goddess Test!! Enjoy and let us know what you think :-)

  8. Huge week! I can't wait to read Starcrossed. Divergent too.
    New Twitter follower. Old GFC follower.
    My IMM

  9. @Elodie I already read Starcrossed and I loved it! (review to come) I can't wait to read Divergent and the Iron Fey series either! Thanks!

    @Lady KT I read The Goddess Test and I loved it! I really recommend it! (I reviewed it here on the blog)

    @Alison Thanks for following! I'm very excited about Divergent too, and Starcrossed was amazing!

  10. Divergent is amazing I hope you love it as much as I did! And I'm dying to read The Goddess Test! Nice IMM :) Happy reading!

  11. So many good books!! I cant wait to read your thoughts on em =]

  12. You got a ton of amazingness this week! :)

  13. wow so many awesome books!

    enjoy hon!

    and I love the new layout =D

  14. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on my review of StarCrossed! WOW can you just pass all these other books straight on to me? He he he. Jennifer Donnelly's Revolution is high on my list. Amazing author.


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