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June 25, 2011

Giveaway Winners!

Hey !

I have some winners to announce today, yay!

But first, thank you all for entering my graduation giveaway and for spreading the word about it everywhere (holly molly, there were 417 total entries!) and for your sweet comments! Even though I couldn't always answer, I did read all of them and I really, really appreciate them! It's been crazy around here in May and in the first two weeks of June, but your comments always put a smile on my face!:) So, thank you!*blows kisses* I wish I could give all of you some books - especially now that I know what you wish for, hehe! But there's always Random Act of Kindness and there will be other giveaways on the blog soon, so don't be sad if you didn't win this one! *hugs*

So... I used the famous Random.org to choose a winner, and....

The winner of my Happy Graduation Giveaway is *drum-roll effect*

I'll email you shortly to get the deets! 

Second, thank you for vising my blog and for commenting on my Tracking Shadows Blog Tour Post. I've been a bit nervous about that interview, being as it was one of my first author interviews ever, but I think it went pretty well in the end! Plus, Regan is super sweet, she gave me very nice and thoughtful answers to ALL those questions! 
Anyways, the winner of the Tracking Shadows eBook by Regan Black is.... (again, I used random.org)

Christine Davis!
An email is on its way!;)

Speaking of the Tracking Shadows Blog Tour, there's still time to enter the Final Tour Stop Giveaway, until June 28, HERE for a chance to win the grand prize package, which includes a signed copy of Tracking Shadows, a signed Tracking Shadows totebag, and a guest appearance in the next 2096 novel!

And third (if you're still here)... OMG! The wishlist! I had so much fun checking out your wishlists! I bet it wasn't easy to come up just with 3 books, was it? I know it wouldn't be for me! LOL 
The most popular books were (just in case you were curious):
Imaginary Girls

Some of them are on my wishlist too!;) And I so hope you'll get them ASAP! *fingers crossed*

Ok, I think that's it for now... Thanks again for following, visiting, commenting, entering my giveaway and well, for everything! I passed my 6 months blogoversary last week, but I haven't been much of a regular blogger in all this time, so I didn't really feel like celebrating. I'll find something worth celebrating soonish, I hope. (oh, look, a round number of followers is coming soon!) And no, I couldn't just announce the winners and be done with it. That's me: I'm either too quiet or too noisy. Deal with it. LOL

Oh, and have some virtual cookies to celebrate the graduation with me!

Have a wonderful weekend!

P.S. Don't you think the faeries (or whatever they are) on my new header are super cute? I love them! :D



  1. Congrats to t-... *drools at the sight of the virtual cookies* Cookieees.... wait, where was I? OH! Congrats to the winners!

  2. Would you believe that I actually just gazed at your lovely new header for a whole minute before reading your blog post *munching on virtual cookies* it's true!

  3. @TheReadingOwl Haha they seem delicious, it makes me want to go buy some right now! *drool* But it's after 10PM already, so I doubt I'll find anything open now.:))

    @Birgit Thank you! I'm glad you like the virtual cookies, hehe!;)

  4. Yay, thank you so much!!!!!! :)

    And I love your fairy header!! It's so beautiful!

  5. @ElfRenee You're welcome!!!

    Thanks, I kind of like it too!:)


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