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May 5, 2011

Week in Review & Random thoughts (part I)


In case you're wondering what I've been up to lately, here's the umm...short version:
  • Aside from being buried in papers and books and notebooks and working on THE thesis (see the note on the right sidebar *sigh*) and almost 3 days without Internet *epic fail*, I got some time to catch up with my TBR pile. And guess what happened? *bats eyelashes*
  • Once again, I've been conned by Holly Black's writing style while reading Red Glove; reading Starcrossed by Jossie Angelini left me a little heart broken and day dreaming about star-crossed lovers and eternal happiness; then, after trying not to let it play with my Mind, I've been helplessly Disillusioned by Carolyn Crane's cliffhanger at the end of Double Cross. *still shaken* But thankfully, Dawn McCullough-White introduced me to this Wanted! cool, kick ass heroine, Cameo, the assassin (my first book with a zombie-like lead character) which was awesome! And finally, thanks to Rachel Vincent's series, I've realized Shifters are very cool (always been a vampires kind of girl; popping bones/getting all furry/walking around naked doesn't appeal to me *shudders*). 
  • I've been working on reviews for all these books and I'll post them ASAP! (I wish I was better at multitasking)
  • Also, I've got an Audiobooks Fever (after spending 9865232 hours per day buried in books or in front of the computer, relaxing listening to an audiobook feels just like heaven!) and I've bought some more. I'll talk about them in the IMM post. Other than that, I've been a good girl and respected my book buying ban.:D (but I'm planning to go to a book fair as soon as it stops raining, so if anything catches my eye there....)
  • I don't know if you've noticed, but I've read a lot of fantabulous, thoroughly enjoyable books lately! Sadly, I haven't always been so lucky, so I'm going to post a list with books/series that didn't work for me. Yikes!
  • Anyway, now I so need a fun, light, clean read! With no dramatic love triangles or heart wrenching cliffhangers! (feel free to recommend anything:;))
  • Oh! I almost forgot! I want to celebrate my graduation with you as well, so I'll host a giveaway! I'll make a special post for it after I figure out all the details and the Spring Carnival ends, but you'll have all month to enter and I'll pick a winner(s?) on my grad day. Details to come!;)
That's all for now. If you're still here, have a nice, sunny day and happy reading!


  1. Wow you have read a lot of good books lately. Starcrossed was awesome. Totally surprised me how good it was. I have the Cameo Assassin should be reading it soon. Oh and I have read the Shifters, what book are you on. I really liked them, but Faythe kinda bothered me.

    Congrats on graduating!!

  2. Thanks!Starcrossed is awesome indeed! I'm almost done with book 2 in the Shifters series. Faythe seems ok to me - so far.:D


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